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Mental Health in the News

Tuscaloosa on its way to building Mental Health Court 6-6-21

Coalition: Now is the Time for Strong Student Mental Health Support 5-30-21

Judge seeks long-range remedy on mental health care in Alabama prisons 5-25-21

Telehealth expands mental health resources for those struggling, reminds everyone to be flexible 5-25-21

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Allowing State Schools to Teach Yoga in Classrooms 5-22-21

This is Where Alabama’s Health Care System Ranks in the US 5-20-21

Huntsville backs mental health program after fatal police shooting 5-26-21

Facebook Calls Links to Depression Inconclusive. These Researchers Disagree 5-18-21

Transgender kids in the South face multiple obstacles to affirming care 5-18-21

Three physicians speak out: Affirmation should always be truthful 5-16-21

Ivey, state legislators align for new veterans suicide prevention initiative 5-14-21

Marshall County Commission approves additional Community Mental Health Officers 5-13-21

Gov. Ivey Shares Message for mental Health Awareness Month 5-14-21

MAXimizing Mental Health spreads hope for youth throughout local community 5-14-21

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on positive mental health in schools 5-3-21

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