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Medical Association of the State of Alabama

American Psychiatric Society

Telehealth in Alabama during COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Resources on Telepsychiatry and COVID-19

Addiction Psychiatry
CSAM Medicare Reimbursement & OTP Guidance
CSAM Medicare/Telemedicine Provider Fact Sheet
SAMHSA Opioid Treatment Program Guidance and FAQs

SAMHSA and CDC Resources
CDC’s COVID-19 website
SAMHSA’s Guidance for OTPs
SAMHSA’s TAP 34, Disaster Planning Handbook for Behavioral Health Treatment Programs
Tips For Social Distancing, Quarantine, And Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak
Guidance on OTPs – MA is a state issuing take-home extensions
COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Response and 42 CFR Part 2 Guidance
FAQs for Opioid Use Disorder Prescribing and Dispensing in the COVID-19 Emergency