APPA speaks out on systemic racicm

APPA recognizes and is committed to confronting racism and racial inequalities within our society and the healthcare system. APPA further recognizes the need to end systemic racism in our country and to work toward a better, fairer, and more just society.

Worsening inequities, unequal access to care, and the racial disparities of psychiatrists all have roots in systemic racism and must be confronted. Tremendous work needs to be done to ensure that everyone has the opportunity, resources, and conditions to achieve optimal mental health.

The Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association:
• Opposes all forms of racism;
• Considers racism a public health crisis and a threat to public health;
• Understands the elimination of health disparities will not be achieved without first acknowledging the contributions of all races to health and social inequalities;
• Understands that we have a responsibility to actively work to eliminate discriminatory policies and practices across all of healthcare;
• Supports ending racial discrimination in mental health care and the equitable access to quality services; and
• Encourages all psychiatrists to be advocates for justice.